23 мая 2023 года,
Москва, Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki       
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Registration, Morning Coffee
  Plenary Section. Conference Hall 
9:50–10:00 Conference Opening. Welcoming Speech. Dmitry Bederdinov, General Director, IKS-holding
10:00–10:20 “Data Center Infrastructure – for Client’s Business Goals Solution. Transition to New Level”. Tatyana Temkina, Consultant, iKS-Consulting
10:20–10:35 “Modular Data Center -  Experience & Innovations”. Denis Sharapov, Business Development Manager, Schneider Electric
10:35–10:50 “Data Center for Government: National Design Features”. Andrey Abramov, Technical  Director, ADM Partnership
10:50–11:05 “Modern Monitoring System – the Way to Effective Data Center”. Alexander Nilov, IT-Infrastructure Product Manager, RITTAL
11:05–11:20 “Innovation Solutions for Data Center Second Phase. IXcellerate Experience”. Vladimir Schetinin, Depute Managing Director, IXcellerate
11:20–11:50 Coffee break
“Design, Management and Operation DC”  
Moderator – Pavel Savranskii, Independent Consultant
Conference Hall
“DC Engineering Systems Building”
Moderator – Elena Ershova, Consultant, iKS-Consulting
Auditorium 1

“Data Center TCO Optimization, From Concept to Implementation”. 

Alexander Lasiy, Intelligent Building Department CTO, CROC

“Modular Data Centers. From Theory to Practice”.

Evgeny Zhuravlev, Technical  Director, Emerson Network Power


“Operation – The most Important Stage of Data Center Life-cycle”.  

Leonid Shishlov, Head of Data Center Services, Schneider Electric 

“Influence of new cabling technologies to datacenter topology”.  

Ken Hodge, Chief Technical Officer, Brand-Rex 


“Reducing the Power and Energy Infrastructure Costs. Yandex Experience”.

Nikolay Ivanov, Data Center Building Project Manager, Yandex

“Pre-fabricated Data Centers as a Tool of DC Construction Cost Optimization”.

Stepan Bolshakov, Technical  Director, CommScope


“Parametric Model of Modular Data Center Building”. 

Maxim Novikov, Commercial Director, 4 Elements

“DRUPS for Data Center: Customer Benefits When EURO DIESEL Equipment Choosing”.

Alexander Bunzya, Technical Manager, EURO-DIESEL


“Bank’s Data Center Project in Moscow Old Center Realities”.

Konstantin Komissarov, CIO, Novikomban

“Delta InfraSuite  - Infrastructure Solutions for Data Centers”.

Dmitry Gulyaev, Head of Data Center Department MCIS, Delta Electronics


“Modular thinking, the only design concept for the today's DC”.

Greg Sherry, Professor of Department of Mathematical Information Systems Support and Innovation, 
Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics

“The Most Effective Free cooling”.

Andrey Andreev, Technical Director, Ayaks Engineering


“Import substitution. Hurry now slowly”.

Alexander Martynyuk, General Director, [dc]2

“Energy Effective Data Center Cooling Systems with Russian CABERO Devices”.

Alexandra Erlikh, General Director,CABERO

14:10–15:00 Lunch
“Data Center Design, Management and Operation” Section
Moderator – Alexander Lasiy, Intelligent Building Department CTO, CROC
Conference Hall
“The Choice of Technologies for Data Centers. How to Find a Golden Mean Between Innovative Solutions and Budget”. 
Ivan Prokofiev, Technical Center Operation Administration Head, Yaroslavl Technical Center Depute Director, Vimpelcom
15:20–15:40 “Branch Standardization: from Dreams to First Practice Results”. Dmitry Basisty, Executive Secretary of Data Center Standardization Technical Committee (TC 120), Board Member of the Data Center Industry Association
15:40–16:00 “Data Center Operation - Possible Options. From Engineering to Economics”. Andrey Pavlov, General Director, DataDome
16:00–16:20 “Power and cooling: Lost in the Cloud”. Andrew Hardisty, Chief Engineer, DataSpace
16:20–16:40 “5 Commercial Data Center Mistakes. The Customer's View”.  Denis Tukalevsky
16:40–17:00 “Uptime Institute: 2 Years in Russia. The Short Report and Itinerary”. Alexey Solodovnikov, Managing Director, Uptime Institute Russia
17:00–17:15 Coffee break
Discussion “Import substitution. Is There a Potencial?”
Moderator - Dmitry Basisty, Executive Secretary of Data Center Standardization Technical Committee (TC 120), Board Member of the Data Center Industry Association 
Questions for discussion:
• Do You Feel the Impact of Sanctions on Your Projects?
• Try to Describe the Most Probably Scenario Sanctions Consequences for the Russian Data Center Branch, As You See It?
• What are the Localization Boarders for the Product Become Domestic Called? Give Examples of Domestic Products for the Data Center.
• How do You imagine Import Substitution in the Russian Data Center Industry? Do You have Any Plans in This Regard?


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